Human Trafficking

Learn about the risks, warning signs, and how to support sex trafficking survivors.

Sex trafficking continues to occur across the globe at alarming rates. Learn more about how to support sex trafficking survivors in clinical and hospital settings. Trainings and workshops are individualized based on the unique needs of your agency, hospital, university, organization, or program. Sample topics include:

  • Understanding different forms of human trafficking
  • Outlining the definition and estimated rate of human trafficking and sex trafficking.
  • Describing the processes of victim acquisition and grooming processes.
  • Identifying vulnerabilities for commercial sexual exploitation.
  • Describing risk factors that increase prevalence for commercial sexual exploitation.
  • Identifying and challenging sex trafficking myths.
  • Understanding how sex trafficking myths create barriers to victim identification.
  • Reviewing how sex trafficking survivors may present in K-12, university, agency, clinical, and hospital settings.
  • Learning clinical considerations for counseling sex trafficking survivors.
  • Describing trauma-sensitive and evidence-based interventions for counseling sex-trafficking survivors.
  • Familiarizing oneself with screening tools for identifying possible sex trafficking survivors.

60- and 90-minute workshops offered.

Prices vary; email for more information.

“Sex trafficking can happen to anyone. Dr. Litam’s session made us aware of a common problem that is often overlooked. Every medical provider should attend this workshop.  This training experience was truly life changing – not only for the attendees, but also for our patients.”

Mariquita Belen, Outreach Director at The Northeast Ohio Medical University
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